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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 22, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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government back up and running. democrats say the legislation is a nonstarter. >> president trump rolled out a bold offer to do just that. it would break through the stalemate that would reopen government swiftly. >> the shut down of government until you come to my way of thinking. if we hold the employees hostage now, they are hostage forever. open up the government. >> the proposal featured several democrat demands. increase in border control agents and three year extensions for daca. >> i think it's dissen genius for the president who took away the safety that these individuals had to say he's putting it back on the table.
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>> are the democrats going to stick with nancy or work with the president. >> furloughed workers are getting support in the bay area. this afternoon the balloona bay yacht club hosted coast guard workers for a free lunch. along with lunch the yacht club had a financial adviser on hand and a hairstylist for free haircuts. >> right now they have real challenges. many can't figure out how to pay their gas when they go to work or food or mortgages. we wanted to make their day brighter. >> the yacht club is encouraging members of the public to drop off food donations. as the government shut down
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continues the number of tsa employees absent from work is on the rise. 71/2% of the agency's work force called out sick yesterday. 10% of airport screeners were not on the job this past weekend. >> the state testify union add -- state of the union address is scheduled for a week from tonight. last week nancy pelosi asked the president to delay the state of the union until the government is reopen citing security concerns. the white house sent a letter asking to schedule a walk through of the speech in the supreme court gave the trump at administration the go-ahead to move forward with the plan by t men and women.
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>> this is yet another dismantling of put in place by the obama administration and tonight major changes for those transgender serving in the military. >> in a 5-4 split the trump administration can restrict military service by transgender men and women. >> for him to come out against the military. there's no basis. everybody minds their own basis. >> an organization that provides services to trans individuals. targeting trans men and women doesn't make sense, those who serve are service members first and everything else is secondary. >> this is a slap in the gase of those who -- face of those who serve. you're a brother in arms or
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sister in arms. you own that right and to be treated like this is not right. >> it means the pentagon is cleared to bar admits and to those who have under gone transition. california attorney general is taking aadministration to court. >> the last thing you want to do who'll serve the country in the military based on how they identify, not on their qualifications to physically protect the country. >> the pentagon said the rules lethal force. the military had a prior policy that posed a risk. touch move sets back a cost for
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people who volunteered to put their lives on the line. >> it's not like we're out there openly doing stuff and flying ourselves. we're serving and being professionals on the battlefield and in the bases. coming up at 6:00 hear from mike thompson. a veteran who was wanted in combat and he will talk about the supreme court. that's at 6:00. >> how soon before this could take effect. >> there's a legal challenge the administration has to get there. that should take a week. we could see things take shape after that. teachers in los angeles are expected to rush to the classroom -- return to the classroom tomorrow. now's of teachers attended a rally outside of the city hall where the mayor announced the deal. a 6% pay raise.
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a slight reduction in class sizes and hiring nurses and librarians. >> we expect it will be approved and that will signal we will be back at school tomorrow where teachers are and educators want to be. >> today and tomorrow when school opens begins a new charter in every classroom. >> the teachers are expected to approve the deal. they walked off the deal last monday for the first time in 30 years. the oakland has been watching the strike. 3,000 members of the oakland education association will vote on their strike option between january 29 and february 1. the school district is offering a 5% pay raise over three years. they will continue to negotiate
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with the union. police have arrested a suspect in connection with a triple homicide earlier this month. antonio durant was taken into custody along with another man on friday following an unrelated police chase and crash near mills college on friday. he's held for the deadly shooting of three men in west oakland on january 4. there's no word on a possible motive for the shooting. a stroke crime in san mateo county. a woman broke into a house, stole a phone, stripped and live streamed the incident. >> a burglary in progress caught on video in wood side. not just any video. this woman of east palo alto records her own break in.
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>> went upstairs. robbed her of the cell phone and began live streaming it on social media. >> it was on rocky way on sunday. the suspect entered through an unlocked door and ordered the woman to unlock her cell phone. >> the suspect was on a rant and was appearing to invite people over to the resident for a gathering. >> things got more bizarre. >> the suspect started disrobing to her under garments and live streamed the incident. >> she went into the backyard. the victim went to the neighbor's house and called 911. the police want to protect the privacy of the victim and the unclothed suspect but it will come in handy. >> all of it was captured on
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video. that's pertinent evidence. >> neighbors were concerned. this won't didn't want her face shown. >> it's sad that someone has to do that. it makes you nervous what people can do. >> this is a reminder to lock your doors and report suspicious activity. it's time to report card i want rush home to show my parents. >> bart communitiers -- muters give bart a bad report. oh, my goodness. my neighbor we sure, we sure. >> coming up next, neighbors and police try to figure out why a grandmother and neighbor was shot and killed. >> the city where you may have
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to bring your own cup or pay for it. what a beautiful day today. a couple good ones in a row. temperatures on the increase. temperatures back in the mid- 60's. that:00 warm. see you back here after the break.
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. >> jesse gary with what we're hearing. >> -- learns. >> neighbors tried to console the family when a grand mother was gunned down in her home
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saturday. >> i listened. oh, my gosh. and my neighbor was shot. too late. >> san jose police arrived in seven minutes but the bullet hit her in the center of her chest. she died in her duplex. police say there isn't new information about a motive for the shooting our a suspect description. neighbors are at a loss to explain how she 62 and shot and killed -- could be shot and killed. >> police would like anyone with information about the case to contact detectives or use
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the unanimous tipline. >> tonight the concord city council will condition a proposal for a soccer stadium. the proposed project would include a convention center, hotel, apartments be retail shops. the 750 million project which is in the early stages involves a private developer but may need help from concord city hall. there's something new in san francisco. the coffee chain is expanding the delivery service through the mobile app. 95% of the menu is available for a booking fee. it will soon be available in los angeles. new york, chicago, boston and
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washington. stocks closed lower amid new concerns of a trade war with china. . we are tracking the weather. we had a nice day today. yesterday was nice as well. the rest of the week we're looking at good weather, that will take us into a dry period, you can see here, 23, through the end of january. february we have the potential for more rain, robust system wants in here. a chance to dry out after a very, very active january. what does that mean? pretty good. we're in the 90th percent tile. san jose is 85%. those are not bad spots to be in this time of the year. there's a lot of rain to come.
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we're getting into the wet months. great news there. in the mountains, 90 some percentile. we're on track. that's good news. that's what we're getting at. we can enjoy this week. we're setting up for nice weather with temperatures coming up on february, temperatures in the low 60s, mid-60's, that will feel spring like. there are the clouds offshore, to the north of us. that's where they stay. we're in a dry pattern that lasts through the end of the month. winds offshore and good thing you get up there to, forgot can get to. vernment shut down. this is a point reyes pattern
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in marin county. the entire coast. this wealth earn er weather pattern is nice. overnight lows will get down, it's clear and not that windy. in the mid-30's in the cold spots. just off the bottom. there's enough wind. north, northeast wind is enough to keep the temperatures warmer. it's growing on me. i love when the subsets and the colors change on the side. it's fun to watch the sun go right down the sales force. there's the berkeley which is an indicator of good air quality. i was at the coliseum and you could see san francisco and it looked 4 miles away. the visibility we have. the story is great weather.
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enjoy it. we've had a good amount of rain and snow and there's more to come. enjoy this. the idea is to reduce waste and to do it berkeley would change the way restaurants do take out. bringing your cup will be the cheapest way to get a drink. >> mark calls san francisco a canary in a coal mine. what he's looking on others to do to address economic inequality. >> and happening furloughed federal workers.
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. >> the berkeley city council will volt on charming 25 -- charging drive sents on paper cups. >> the plan includes other changes at restaurants. rob spoke with customers and restaurant managers and he joins us. >> maybe like having to pay that dime for a grocery bag at the supermarket. here in berkeley that cup of coffee to go could cost an extra 25-cents. they are everywhere. in berkeley some elected official's say it's a problem. >> we see it in our streets. the litter.
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they are a high cost to cities. it's not just berkeley, are ng clean up the litter. >> proposing an ordinance forcing anyone selling hot or cold drinks to charge 25 consistants for a 25 cents for a disposable cup. >> that might make me remember to bring my thermal cup. >> it would be nice to have my own cup. i don't want to walk with a coffee cup for half an hour. >> their the management supports the intent, but there's problems with the proposal. >> new packaging, new regulation, people coming in to check how many cups we've filled. >> for the city it will be a
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savings and for the rest of the community, it's like the plastic bag ban. >> it will force compostable to go food containers. dine in restaurants only reusable plate and utensils. when i think of the millions of people doing that every day. and where the utensils end up it's horrifying. >> the berkeley city council is expected to take this up tonight. if it passes it could be phased in over the next year. >> is there any indication which way council members are going on this? >> it's hard to say. there's a lot of support for it. it's come out and voiced any opposition. we won't know until the vote is
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taken tonight. a survey shows bart approval ratings are at a all- time low. the latest fallout following this cob fronttation cob fronttation in washington, d.c.. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. if you commute you know bart has had problems, from trash, homeless people sleeps to drug use. a report was just released that shows bart received a bad grade. >> bart does this survey every two years. the event results are an all- time low. >> every weekday hubs of thousands of people ride bart. last year bart asked 5000
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people who they thought of the agency. >> this kind of report card i would not rush home to show my parents. >> the survey was conducted from september to october of last year. 56% of those asked were satisfied with bart, down from 2016. safety, homelessness and clean reyes in of the -- leanliness of the train. >> i've seen feces on the train. >> the cleanliness is terrible. some of the customer service is terrible. >> over the next six to eight years bart will have 1200 new trains with a new track and electrical system. for now it will do all it can to regain the trust. >> the riders want a visible
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safety presence. >> bart is working hard to address the concerns and putting special emphasis on homelessness and safety. it hired 24 new officers last year and hope to create an ambassador program. >> when they encounter people with minor problems on the system -- >> bart will look at the survey results starting on thursday. in sacramento eric brockovich blasted pg&e. the plans for bankruptcy. >> how are we going to stand by and hurl 40,000 citizen who have been harmed not to mention the state of california into chaos. >> brockovich joined wildfire
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victims and called on the governor and the legislature to work with pg&e to keep the company out of bankruptcy protection. when pg&e files for bankruptcy thousands of wildfire victims will be at the back of the line. >> pacific gas and electric doesn't want to be held accountable or pay for the damages they have caused. >> pg&e is expected to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy a week from today. it is facing $30 billion in the wake of several massive fires in the north bay. a fire today damaged a home and cared in a garage in antioch. it was on east 18th street. firefighters saw thick black smoke a mile away. when they arrived most of the
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house was engulfed in flames. dozens of vehicles, boats and motorcycles were parked around the home and in the garage. this fire may have started in the garage. >> multiple motorcycles, more than a dozen for sure, there were 6 to 8 vehicles involved in fire. early indications are that the fire may have begun in the vehicles and extended into the house. >> a firefighters was cut and treated at the scene. no one else was hurt. preparations are under way for the chinese new year's celebrations in san francisco. the city is getting ready. san francisco is one of the largest and oldest new years celebration outside of asha.
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the miss chinatown usa pageant and culminates with the parade. >> not only is the year of the bore boar going to be lucky it will be lucky for the merchants and the people of chinatown. >> to prepare for the celebration city workers are cleaning the streets and police are working on security plan. 2019 is the year of the pig. we'll carry the celebration live. twitter has suspended an account that spread a video showing an encounter from a white teenager from a catholic school and a native american. this post was tightly focused on the student. it had 2.5 million views and re-
5:33 pm
tweeted 14,000 times. cnn said the account looked like it belonged to a california teacher. longer video shows the drummer walked up to the students. as the reporter found out the school had to be closed because of a series of death threats. >> classes canceled on tuesday as the fallout continues from the famous standoff between nathan phillips and nick sandman. initially there was a strong backlash against the students but parents say they were the victims. >> we heard the horrific insults that were thrown at our children by the black hebrew
5:34 pm
israelites. nick had the courage time to look this man in the face and he tried to diffuse the situation. >> the parents and students say they received numerous death threats and have been bullied on line and it's not clear how many will show up when classes resume. >> members of the american indian movement held a protest asking for an apology and changes in the school's sirric lum -- curriculum. >> we're treated with disrespect, we have to fight for our basic human rights. >> young kids are saying let's make america great, let's do that and stop the hate.
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. the u.s. government shut down is entering the second
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month and some federal workers missing paychecks are considering a career check. they are attending job fairs and looking at getting a second job or exploring the possibility of leaving government service. >> i wouldn't think after 28 years i would have to file for unemployment. if it continues i'll have to get a second job. >> meeting obligations. it's important to take positive action to improve my situation. >> the unions say the frustration could create a brain drain and the federal government may no longer attract top talent. >> christiano renaldo put an end to his tax situation in spain. he pled guilty to tax fraud and agreed to pay $22 million.
5:39 pm
the charges stem from his days for plays for real madrid. he's still facing ayub related -- an unrelated rape charge in los angeles. a man threatened a crew on a jetliner that had taken off from siberia headed for moscow. he wanted on the plane to go to afghanistan. this is video from flight aware. the pilot landed about 140 miles away. once on the tarmac the police arrested the passenger. all eyes on hollywood when the nominations were announced for the 91st academy awards. >> black panther is the first super hero movie nominated. black klansman made the list.
5:40 pm
bohemian rap see. vice, a star is born. glenn close for the wife. laddie georgia for a star is born. o livia coleman in the favorite. the best actor nominations. the awards are february 24. if music is more your thing the music festival is here to stay. park commissioners approved a contract to extend it to 2061.
5:41 pm
the nhl best are coming to town for the all-star game. before that fans met a special guest. stanley cup. is it finally barry bonds year to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame. the dallas was just -- class was just announced. >> we have nice looking weather patterns headed our way. dry weather, warmer weather, i'll put it together. ♪
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mariano. crews using heavy equipment filled the oakland coliseum with 26 million-pounds of dirt. it is for the monster super cross track race. about 500-truckloads of dirt will be dumped on the field. the race is saturday. the nhl all-star race has arrived in san jose. it began with a special treat. >> jesse gary talked to fans who saw the stanley cup up close and in person. >> a long lineout side the rotunda of san jose city hall. lord stanley's cup is here for the all-star weekend. a long line of people outside which moves inside so people
5:45 pm
can take selfies with the stanley cup from noon to 4 on tuesday. the nhl fan experience starts on thursday over at the mchenry convention center. the fans have waited for the game to come back to shows for years. >> it's huge. it's an opportunity for san jose to shine and showcase what we have to offer. for people to come in from outside the bay area and within the bay area and experience this. >> it brings back memories of 97, it was the beatest moment of the shark's season. it was a great feeling to know that lemieux, gretzky and messier would be in the city. >> this year you have the next crop of stars. mcdavis, crosby, all these future hall of famers that have great careers or will have
5:46 pm
great careers. >> the cup will be at the fan experience on thursday. tonight the row tubbeda and you to -- rotunda and the tower will be light in the colors of the sharks. the super bowl is in less than two weeks and there's concerns the government shut down could pose problems for the crowds flooding into atlanta. the airport in atlanta is the world's busiest but it will be more crowded. security lines were two hours long last week and there's concerns it could be worse. organizers say visitors can feel kurt about the level of security. >> nothing changes for the super bowl. we'll be from. >> it's my hope by then the federal government shut down will be history. >> the atlanta airport is
5:47 pm
planning bring in more tsa officers to rearrange security checkpoints. the rams and the patriots will play in the super bowl in atlanta on february 3. schools in nebraska and iowa are closed because of a winter storm. it's not just the midwest. snow, frigid air and strong winds hit the northeast where people in rhode island are without heat. with the windchill the temperature feels like -20. massachusetts water, high winds and subfreezing temperatures blanketed a tug boat in ice. bitterly cold temperatures forced school districted to close. the single digit and below zero temperatures are likely to rise in the coming days.
5:48 pm
so much ice. >> my daughter goes to northeastern, she said it was 2 degrees above zero. she's a california kid. she's seeing it up close and personal. >> when you're from california and you get cold. >> you don't know how to deal with with it. >> i'm born and raised out here like you guys. when you experience it. that's cold. >> we get cold. tonight overnight lows in the mid-30s and they are talking windchills -20. we have a different cold. we have high pressure that will keep us dry. cooler overnight. we have a little bit of a northeast wind. during the day temperatures will be warmer. temperatures as we go into the next couple days in the mid- 60's in warm spots.
5:49 pm
santa rosa. napa. that's warm. 58 in fairfield. 61 in santa rosa. days are getting longer. i do notice it. look at that atmosphere out there. >> that's beautiful. >> i love when you get the texture on the bay. you can see the turbulence. that's why it costs so much to live here. we don't get 20 below. 26 tomorrow morning in santa rosa. one of the cooler spots. most of us will be above freezing, frost in spots. haven't had a lot of reports of valley fog. you would think it would be after rain. there's a little bit of wind. strong moving storms to the
5:50 pm
north over the high pressure that's like a salad bowl. a picture of a salad bowl turned upside down. the jet stream goes over the top. you want to picture the low pressure picture it turned the other way. tomorrow another nice day. it will be beautiful. sunny, highs into the 60s and mid-60's toward the middle-end of this week. no rain, no wind, mild to warm weather. a beautiful couple days. it has been wet. it's been a productive january with cities we showed you some of the cities are 88, 92% of rainfall average. snowfall doing great. the rainfall indexes in northern and central california determine how much water is going in the surface
5:51 pm
reservoirs. we're at a good spot this time of the year in terms of rainfall and snowfall. it's nice to get a break. good time to get the gutters cleaned. >> did you take the christmas lights down. >> i was slow. you leave the light up to late january. if you left them up get them down. >> you should have them down. >> mine are finally down. >> cleaning the gutters are important. >> we have leaves everywhere. >> that can save you trouble if you clean the gutters. >> we're looking dry the rest of the week. >> our next chance of rain is february three or four. >> all of this hitting the east coast was what hit us.
5:52 pm
>> they were talking about that storm before it got here. for them it was massive. it was the precursor to all of this. it will stick around in the far northeast for the next four days. bitter cold weather in minnesota, green bay and wisconsin. >> it makes you thankful we live here. >> so oftener we feel bad about enjoying the nice weather. 2019 baseball hall of fame class was just announced. barry bonds gained ground but failed to make it to cooperstown again. mike muss ina and
5:53 pm
edgar martines. mariano rivera was voted in unanimously. another twist in the case of a marine accused of spies in moscow. coming up, mark pointing the finger at silicon for the widening gap. we've an inequality problem. >> it's because of the tech sector. at bayer our roots run deep.
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you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here, i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. now open in burlingame, 101 & broadway in the old gokart racer building. . two doctors left a health care facility from phoenix where a disabled patient conceived a patient and gave
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birth. the 29-year-old patient gave birth to a healthy baby boy. police are collecting dna to staff members but have not limited the search to the facility. the center apologized to the woman and family and will do everything possible to restore their credibility. >> i think it's nobody's fault but the person who did it to her. someone has to be held responsible. >> the 29-year-old patient has been at the facility since she was 3 years old. the woman's family will take custody of the baby. chris brown has been released from custody after being arrested in paris for rape. the paris prosecutor office said the investigation is ongoing. the woman who filed the complaint said she met brown in a nightclub and they went to a
5:57 pm
hotel. >> the prosecutors are investigating but won't sprain why they would let him leave the country if this is a real investigation. >> brown has been in repeated legal trouble since pleading guilty to hitting rihanna. he denies the current accusations. a russian judge refused an appeal of a u.s. marine. amy kellogg on the evidence russian officials say prove their case. >> paul wheel an will spend more time in prison. russian security service say he
5:58 pm
was caught with a thumb driver containing state secrets. his lawyer said he didn't know what was on the thumb driver. >> he was meant to receive information from an individual that was cultural things. paul's holiday. >> he appeared in court where a judge denied his request for bail. his legal team is denies accusations he's a spy. he's a traveling businessman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> we need to examine the case files. the investigation cannot rebut the suggestion. >> his family say he's a pawn of the kremlin to set up a swap. >> there are rumors his arrest
5:59 pm
may be tied to exchange him for one of our citizen. this is untrue. >> if he's convicted he faces up to 20 years behind bars. ehind bars. . the supreme court clears the way for president trump's ban on transgender people in the military to go into effect. the california attorney general vowed to fight it. >> you don't want to make judgments who'll serve the military based on how they identify not on qualifications. >> the high court taking action to allow a transgender ban to go into effect while the case is heard in lower courts. >> the justices voted 5-4 to allow the ban to take effect
6:00 pm
but offered no opinion on the lead galt -- legality. >> it is another obama era policy he wants to roll back. >> i believe that anyone who is willing and wants to serve should be allowed to do so. >> the trim administration got a boost from the supreme court. the decision means the trump administration can restrict military service by transgender men and women. >> for him to come out of the military there's no basis. everybody minds their own business. >> she says those who serve are considered military service members first. >> this is a slap in the face of those


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